sowwy (sorry)

i quit no bodey ever posts . Bareilly any body is active. markjonny and markjonny2d quit


2 Responses to “sowwy (sorry)”

  1. Caseyboy97 Says:

    Does This Meen That The IPA Finnaly Ends 😦 *Sniff*

  2. ACPE 1/RPA Ambassador 1 (dropping in, deceased on CP reborn in real life) Says:

    ACPE1 (IPA) Hollister, if you still check this site, I have a confession to make. I was “The Truth”, “Prophet”, and “Oppressed half-breed”. I would like to apologize for the fact it was deceptive, and anything offensive I may have said. I created the first 2 as jokes, the last one because I have enoucntered discrimination in real life. I have changed my mind about not checking in. I have decided to check in on this site ( I plan to stop checking in by Thursday, but anyone could change my mind.

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