The reason I haven’t posted in forever is that I was thinking about retiring. I’m in 7th grade now, I really don’t have time to post anymore. I know the most common excuse for retiring is that the leader says they just don’t have time and you hear it so much it sounds like a lie. But really, wait until you are as old as me. Its NOT a lie. You really do get a lot busier. I will still be around from time to time moderating comments, but I’m not leader of IPA anymore, and I won’t be able to get on a lot. I won’t let this army fall, and I don’t know when I’ll be able to get back on again, so I’m appointing Markjonny as leader, as he is the highest ranked soldier besides me currently. Good Bye, but not forever.



7 Responses to “Retirement”

  1. wtev Says:

    wow impressive im in 7th grade too and im in two armys and running a site its kinda disappoiting

  2. wtev Says:

    anyway u should choose someone to carry on ur ”legacy”

  3. wtev Says:

    u know that ur army aint in the anta right ?
    that means all along ur army was unofficial lmao !

  4. elitesof main FGR leader Says:

    dude Im in 9th grade and I balance it all out cp is boring .

  5. mijos23 Says:

    Everyone plz go here

    ~mijos no ad

  6. mijos23 Says:

    Everyone go to And Join plz!!

    ~mijos please dont ad

  7. Puffin Guy Says:

    i hear ya. i’m in seventh grade and have no time for cp and it’s getting boring anyway. its just one big annnoying popularity contest.

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