my first post

Hello its me markjonny i just came from washington state.Im maken some new pages .   If you want to know how my peng looks like  : i cant find one. My quote : ‘A blind commander can still win a war’  Any ways comment if your active


6 Responses to “my first post”

  1. <<<<((<<<Markjonny>>>))>>>> Says:

    im asking acp for some servers
    Hollister765: Ok

  2. Puffin Guy Says:

    I’m active.

  3. zzmasterchief Says:

    Hey fake IPA i wonder if you missed me [retorical Q] i just wanted to let you know we didnt fall we changed our name
    were the MCA now

  4. zzmasterchief Says:

    O and frozen isnt youre server i was voted governer of frozen by poll and it isnt youre server

  5. Redbody1234 Says:

    hey guys how do u put that picture of urs?

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