sowwy (sorry)

i quit no bodey ever posts . Bareilly any body is active. markjonny and markjonny2d quit



The reason I haven’t posted in forever is that I was thinking about retiring. I’m in 7th grade now, I really don’t have time to post anymore. I know the most common excuse for retiring is that the leader says they just don’t have time and you hear it so much it sounds like a lie. But really, wait until you are as old as me. Its NOT a lie. You really do get a lot busier. I will still be around from time to time moderating comments, but I’m not leader of IPA anymore, and I won’t be able to get on a lot. I won’t let this army fall, and I don’t know when I’ll be able to get back on again, so I’m appointing Markjonny as leader, as he is the highest ranked soldier besides me currently. Good Bye, but not forever.


my first post

Hello its me markjonny i just came from washington state.Im maken some new pages .   If you want to know how my peng looks like  : i cant find one. My quote : ‘A blind commander can still win a war’  Any ways comment if your active

New 2nd In Command

Markjonny is the new 2nd in command because the other 2 members of the poll dropped out. So congratulations! But you said you couldn’t play cp anymore for some reason… We’ll wait and see if you can.

Poll and =[

There is going to be a poll for the 2nd in command it was pretty unfair that I got to dictate the decision, so Markjonny don’t quit yet!
Here is the Poll for 2nd in command!

Starwood has officially resigned. He has done amazing things for this army and has been really dedicated. Good Bye Starwood. *Salutes*


A Very Hard Decision

Update: Ok, Markjonny, I’m sorry, but I might have to demote you to General. Why did you declare war on MRF? Unless you have a really good reason for that, I’m afraid I will have to demote you to General, sorry.
Ok, people, PLEASE DON’T take this personally if you didn’t win. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. So Puffin Guy, you are now the other Supreme Commander! You have the same amount of power I have now, so congratulations! You have the power to promote people, become allies with another army, declare martial law, declare war, and do pretty much anything you want. Lastly, you said you really didn’t know what to post about, well here are some ideas. You could schedule a practice battle, schedule a party, chat meeting, an idea, new ranks, promotions, whatever!

Good Work Puffin Guy, and EVERYONE else!

2 Supreme Commanders!!!

You all know I am barely on, so I’ve decided it would be good to have another supreme commander! Comment if you want to be, and then, later, I’ll choose who I think would do the best job. You will be required to be an admin so you can post and everything.